Assault Dynamics represents the next level of design evolution where changing the product design and performance characteristics rests in the hands of the user….even after making ones purchase.

Our Bikes are built on a modular architecture that features a patented exoskeleton design. This allows sharing of key components between different models. This "building block design ideology" enables users to radically customize design, upgrade powertrain, performance and handling characteristics.


Since upgradability is one of the key principles of our design ideology, all components are selected or designed to handle frequent installations and switch outs. So we over-engineered our bikes to not only give them an aggressive stance but also a robust build quality and smooth riding experience.


We want to make transportation not only exciting and upgradable but also green and sustainable. Our Bikes are built rugged, so not much can go wrong with them. Thanks to the open modular architecture, damaged components can easily be replaced and the bike is as good as new!

This makes it possible for us to offer exchanges and upgrades that allow us to recycle/reuse key components (like the frame, coil springs and other mechanical components) thereby increasing our green footprint and helping us implement sustainable practices.

Once our logistics are on track, Assault Dynamics plans to exchange and upcycle parts (subject to a few conditions) that are undamaged or show minimal wear when you upgrade and will also be offering buybacks of the entire bike subject to certain conditions.