Patent Protected

Design is patent protected across USA / Canada / EU / UK / Australia / India.

Showstopper Design

The coolest looking light electric motorcycle in town! Turn heads wherever you go!

Rugged Exoskeleton Frame

Our overbuilt-rugged exoskeleton design draws from military industrial themes.

Instant Torque

No Clutch, No Gears! Just twist the throttle and go explore the great outdoors!

Fast Charging

Full Charge in 2 Hours at home or at work and say goodbye to gas stations! Fast 2 hour charging on select models.


Select from a range of battery options depending on your needs!

Zero Maintenance

No oil changes. No tune-ups. No fuel ups. Works like an appliance.

Street Legal

No Drivers License or Registration needed on select models. Ride hassle free!


Rugged Exo Skeleton Design

Our rugged exoskeleton design not only allows for easy upgrades to performance and handling but also adds a unique aggressive stance to our bikes, something that’s a core to our design ideology.

Stopping Power

Our Bikes feature Hydraulic Disc Brakes on all Electric Models and Disc Brakes on all Manual Models

Ride Comfort

Our top end variants feature motorcycle grade front / rear suspension and feature an ergonomically designed seat to make your commute comfortable.


Our Batteries are built and sourced from reliable vendors who have over 15 years of experience building battery packs. They have worked hard perfecting their product so you can ride your bike without worrying about its performance! Select from a range of battery options (Li-ion, Li-Phosphate or Lead Acid) depending on your need. Travel upto 100 kms on a single charge*!


Hybrid models feature 750W (nominal) rear hub motor and Full Electric models feature motors up to 5kW (nominal).